• Waste Management Software for Collectors
    The all in one software and hardware solution that fits all waste collectors and haulage operators.
    Module based and fully adapatable to your business requirements (SDK / API)
  • DriverX3 - the best OnBoard Vehicle PC
    Powering route management, optimization, GPS tracking, driver messaging, inspection reports, bin note alerts, RFID and bin weighing  
    Connection via Bluetooth 4.0, RS232 and RS485
  • Onboard Wideview Vehicle Cameras
    Fully integrated into WIS back office software for analysis, vehicle check reporting, bins not presented, illegal contents and more..
  • Route Optimization
    Collect more bins in less time and with less resources with our easy to use web based Route Optimizer.  
    Push to vehicle to provide Turn by Turn Route Navigation
  • Route Navigation on Tablet
    Turn by turn navigation with bin details,
    enabling any driver to drive any route.
  • Better Scheduling
    Our APPs are speciially made for the Waste Management Industry  
  • Wheelie Bin Weighing
    Legal for Trade Dynamic Bin Weighing Domestic and Commercial RFID Reading 125kHz and 134kHz  
  • Interactive Chat Robot
    Capable of dealing with any customer requests with secure connecton to SQL data
    5 mins install time on your website

News and Information

Sunrise launches Route Management Portal at IFAT 2018, Munich, Germany

The new portal enables companies to perform complex route optimization and editing for a fraction of the industry cost, making it cost efficient for all business types....

Sunrise Innovations at the Waste Expo in Las Vegas, USA

At the Waste Expo Sunrise will be presenting our onboard PCs, Vehicle Cameras and Route Optimization....

Sunrise Innovations Route Optimization wins at the Irish Logistics and Transport Awards 2018

The award was for the success of our route optimization project for Greyhound Recycling in Dublin county....

Sunrise presents at the Eco Waste Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sunrise Innovations CEO, Paul Kinsella was speaking at the Eco Waste - Waste Management Solutions Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE, presenting big data as a core catalyst in the future of waste collection....

About Sunrise Innovations - Waste Management Solutions

Sunrise Innovations is a software and hardware development company specialising in Waste Management Solutions.  Our goal is to make our cloud based WIS Software and Onboard Vehicle Kit (PC, RFID, Weighing and Cameras) cost efficient enough to be financially available for all waste collectors globally, in order to help make a significant impact on the way the world recycles.

Need assistance?

Before contacting us please review our document section and frequently asked questions area, as they may have what you are looking for.

New Routing Portal by Sunrise Innovations

Coming May 2018, our new Route Optimization portal for small operators for our €50 per month - www.routemanagement.net

Wheelie Bin Weighing Systems

Legal for Trade Bin Weighing System for Bin Lifters

Working with both commercial and domestic bin lifters, we fabricate, install and certify bin weighing on to any bin lifter system.

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OnBoard Vehicle Android PC

Fully integrated onboard PC for your vehicle fleet

Managing GPS tracking, Route Navigation, Route Optimization, Fuel Monitoring, RFID Scanning, Bin Weighing, Vehicle Error Codes and much more.

Read about the DriverX3

Waste Management Solution

The complete cloud based software solution for waste collectors

Handling every work process of your business seamlessly, and in the most cost efficient manner.

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