• Irish Logistics and Transport Award 2018
    Joint venture between Greyhound Recycling and Sunrise Innovations
    for our route optimisation in Dublin
  • Onboard Wideview Vehicle Cameras
    Fully integrated into WIS back office software for analysis, vehicle check reporting, bins not presented, illegal contents and more..
  • DriverX3 - Vehicle OnBoard PC
    Gives you greater control of your collection routes, drivers and vehicles.  
  • Route Optimization
    Collect more bins in less time and with less resources with our easy to use web based Route Optimizer.  
    Push to vehicle to provide Turn by Turn Route Navigation
  • Generate Better Business Margins
    If you are a refuse collection company and are not using WIS cloud service  - you are probably loosing alot of money
    Try the WIS cloud service for FREE and
  • Route Navigation on Tablet
    Turn by turn navigation with bin details,
    enabling any driver to drive any route.
  • Better Scheduling
    Our APPs are speciially made for the Waste Management Industry  
  • Wheelie Bin Weighing
    Legal for Trade Dynamic Bin Weighing Domestic and Commercial RFID Reading 125kHz and 134kHz  
  • Interactive Chat Robot
    Capable of dealing with any customer requests with secure connecton to SQL data
    5 mins install time on your website

News and Information

Preset Back Office Bin Notes for Drivers - mapped on routes

Imagine driving a collection route and all the bins are colour coded and a bin ahead of you has a bin note floating over it to show - that 2 extra recycling bags are accepted with this bin....

Fraud prevention on refuse collection vehicles

Knowing which bin to empty and which customer has not paid their bill, as well as monitoring illegal bag collections are all vital to the profitability of a refuse collection business....

Advanced vehicle PC Camera meets Robot AI

Whether we like it or not advanced artificial intelligence is going to be in everything we do in 2018. We at Sunrise are combining our current vehicle camera system with our AI robot to create an interactive voice robot - in other words it can speak what it thinks it sees....

Advanced routing for skip hire contractors

Spring is in the air and many home owners are looking to do clean outs - this seaonal surge always brings alot of enquires into Sunrise about our skip hire management system....

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Wheelie Bin Weighing Systems

Legal for Trade Bin Weighing System for Bin Lifters

Working with both commercial and domestic bin lifters, we fabricate, install and certify bin weighing on to any bin lifter system.

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OnBoard Vehicle Android PC

Fully integrated onboard PC for your vehicle fleet

Managing GPS tracking, Route Navigation, Route Optimization, Fuel Monitoring, RFID Scanning, Bin Weighing, Vehicle Error Codes and much more.

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Waste Management Solution

The complete cloud based software solution for waste collectors

Handling every work process of your business seamlessly, and in the most cost efficient manner.

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