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We are expanding into the UK and are looking for the best people

Due to the increase in demand from the UK for our bin weighing, route navigation and complete waste management software solution, we have decided to expand sales and installations in the UK.

If you have been working in the industry or similar industries for the past 3 – 5 years and would like to join a fast vibrant company with a strong focus on innovation – then give us a call.

Please send all CVs to info@wiswm.com marked “UK Market” and we will follow up with you shortly.

Innovative call centre soft phone client fully integrated with WIS

hippo-guiHIPPO is the new soft phone client for call centres which will revolutionize staff interaction with web visitors and phone in customers. The SIP based phone client installs on all Windows OS versions and is fully integrated into the WIS server. Once installed all staff need is a headset and off they go.

HIPPO handles all in and out calling as well as local extension calling. Online website customers can interact via the Live Help system and all communication is logged inside the WIS PABX Centre.

For more information on the HIPPO client visit our PABX Telephone System page.

Happy staff develop innovative products for the recycling industry

We have added some new faces to our every growing team of developers and support crew.  Our corporate strategy is to hire leading young developers with education in electronics and computer science, together with staff with great interpersonal skills with education in economics and finance.

We believe the future for the recycling industry is innovation and enabling the internet of things to encompass everything.

Wanna join our team?  Just contact us and get the ball rolling.

Why WIS is the best waste management software in the world.

Russian : WIS – лучшее программное обеспечение для управления мусорных отходов в мире

French : Pourquoi WIS est la meilleure système de management de déchets dans tout le monde

WIS seamlessly handles every aspect of waste management and deals with it in the most cost efficient and easy to maintain manner.  When you deploy WIS into your business there is no need to have any other solution.  The WIS system handles everything, so straight away the cost savings are normally huge –  so there is no need for a separate vehicle GPS tracking system, internal PABX phone system, external website, accounts package, staff time keep system, etc, the WIS server handles everything .  To backup your WIS deployment, we have the support infrastructure that will make you and your staff feel comfortable, day in day out.

We at Sunrise Innovations are not happy with WIS being the best right now, we want to own the future which is why we have 10 of the best developers working 50 hour weeks in order to advance the system into the future.  So areas such as bin weighing, advanced collection routing, contaminates in bins, customer support ticketing, cash collections, advanced accounting reporting and many other areas get advanced all the time to further assist your business into the future.

Unlike any other software vendor in the waste management software space, Sunrise Innovations director owns a waste company – so every work flow, costing, problem is evaluated by the WIS crew and researched on a daily basis inside the waste company.  Our goal is to help our own business operate on the tightest possible margin – by doing so better prepares it for stiff competition in the slack times and also enabling it to create greater profits in the good times.

Some software solution providers only handle certain areas of business e.g. skips, weighbridge or routing, while others when they deploy into your business will install bulky hardware which is expensive and very difficult to move from one truck to another – also after a year or so the hardware is out dated.  With WIS – you get everything in one system and all hardware components are developed on cost efficient Android hardware, meaning its very easy to migrate between trucks and also very cheap to update each year.

We don’t just develop service components, we really think about the end user and spend alot of time with the user to make sure it matches everything they need and continuously evaluate their usage habits in order to improve.  We have so many service components which I could go into details that do this but one that will stand out globally in 2014 is our Household App (recycling calendar) for the domestic household customer.  Unlike anything else in the world, this mobile app really listens to the home owner and gives them a service they never thought possible – households don’t just want a “put your bin out reminder”, they would like assistance in the home – and that’s what we offer.

Go on – ask for the demo today.

Household App will become the Mobile Wallet of 2014

The Household mobile application is designed for waste companies in order to provide their domestic customers with automated collection reminders.  But the real growth potential is with the ability for the householder to manage more home related tasks and also with the ability to use their micro funds to purchase items online and in the high street.

The home is becoming more and more complicated and the need to join objects and general household’s tasks together is becoming apparent as we get busier.  One of the main tasks in every home around the world is to manage, sort and dispose of household waste every week, so the business relationship the home owner has with the refuse collection company is constant and billing cyclical.  This strong relationship might not be the most plutonic but as recycling becomes more of a commodity this relationship will blossom, an example of this is how the Scandinavians view recycling.  Their unrecyclable waste material gets incinerated to provide hot water for homes, while empty cans and bottles  can be redeemed for cash at the store – to mention only a few.

At Sunrise Innovations we see this relationship between the household and refuse collector as being extendable to incorporate other household objects and daily tasks, which is why in version 1 of the Household App we have added a connection to the TV and also the ability to use wallet credit to buy daily deals in the local area.  Through 2014 we will be adding cash convertible coupons and other products and services which will further assist the householder in their day to day tasks.

To read more about our Household Collection Reminder App >>


Accept Micro Cash & Cheque Payments for Waste Collection Services

Due to our growth within developing markets, we have had to help waste collection companies with an innovative method to collect cash and cheque payments.  This new service called Mobile Trustee enables service providers to collect cash and cheque payments and to be seamlessly able to reconcile all transactions easily.

Mobile Trustee is deployed out into the field for door to door collectors or installed in shops and petrol stations.  Customers are asked for their customer number, certain personal details and amount they wish to pay – this transaction then gets processed into the Mobile Trustee server and a paper receipt is issued to the customer.

The administrator of the country specific Mobile Trustee can reconcile with shops and collectors easily and if required enable credit per account e.g. 30 days credit.  Then every 3rd day the Mobile Trustee will synchronize (over WSDL) all customer payments with the service provider – in this case it would be the waste collection company, but it could also be the local power company or loan provider.

The Mobile Trustee consists of the following components:

  • Mobile Trustee Server & Control Panel
  • Secure REST Server & WSDL Sync
  • Android application

Once deployed within the country, the Mobile Trustee can easily handle:

  • Administrators and system users
  • Service Providers
  • Shops & cash collection teams
  • Payments

Currently we have the Mobile Trustee deployed in Ghana.  It has a network of 60 shops and collectors – these use the cheap Samsung Galaxy Y phone and a small bluetooth printer, with a simple GPRS sim card.

Preventing contamination in recycling and compost Bins

One of the main challenges facing waste collection companies around the world is the high level of non-recyclable waste being placed in the green bin and the high level of non-compostable waste being placed in the brown bin.  It is vitally important that the correct waste is placed in the correct bin.
If a recycling bin containing contaminated waste is emptied into a bin truck and, subsequently, brought to a recycling station, it can potentially contaminate an entire recycling load. This leads to inefficiencies in the sorting and recycling processes and, in certain cases, all of the waste will have to be landfilled.

The WIS system has come up with a very innovative and effect product built into our Bin Collector system that monitors contaminated bins and provides realtime information to the WIS control panel – where the system can be setup to penalize and educate the customer going forward.