Object recognition from within our Vehicle Camera

Our cameras understand the objects it records and can communicate that information with our REST API in real time.

As with all projects, they're are normally driven by an industry problem.  In this case the issue is alerting the back office if a recycling bin has garbage in it while it is being emptied.  The concept is not just to have clean recycling but to notify customers that contents are being examined and thus resulting is much improved customer actions.

The beauty of this project requirement is our vehicle camera system is being forced to understand objects in great detail.  Unlike other system which just understand large objects, we are now able to achieve with ease.  Its very exciting not just because we know what we are achieveing with make an environmental difference but also opens up so many other possibilities.

If you would like to know more about our vehicle camera, visit our R&D project page, or contact us directly.

// Eugene : video camera project manager.

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