Industry keyphrase learning to assist Artifical Intelligent phone calls via

Introduction of AI into an IP PBX needs industry specific assistance

Unlike home AI system like Alexa where the bit rate of the incoming voice is mid/high in terms of kbps, telephone calls over PSTN / GSM are low (approx 6-8kbps). So the starting point is quite low but to add localised dialect and industry slang makes things for an AI system even harder.

Thats why at Sunrise / we have built an industry specifc keyphrase engine based upon real expeience call logs. So if the AI system received a call from a Scotish middle aged man and it heard a sentense with the terms gissed and been, then the system knows what they meant was that their bin was missed and we need to initiate the missed bin call flow.

If your business would like to reduce telephone support staff in replacement of an automated telephone AI system, then contact us directly and we can give you a demo.  If you can't wait for a demo then call our own PBX [ +353 539100100 ] and test for yourself as we use

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