Pay as you throw (PAYT) Mobile Solution

Providing refuse collectors a super fast way to read RFID tags at the bin

PAYT Made Easy

If you are looking for a simple and fast way to scan RFID bin chips in order to record presentation rates or to mange your PAYT service, then our mobile RFID solution is for you.

Recording presentation rates is straight forward - scan the tag and empty the bin.  But the most vital component of a PAYT mobile scanning solution is its ablity to handle debtor control.  This means when the refuse collector comes to pick up the bin, they scan the bin's RFID tag and the system tells them on the spot if the customer has paid for the service or has enough credit on their account to pay for the collection.  This is the ONLY way PAYT will work accross the globe.

Other great features of the mobile RFID solution is its ability to perform "Text to Speech" commands once a bin's RFID is scanned and the office has left a note - an example would be "2 extra recycling bags accepted FREE" or "fix the bin lid" for example.

Another fantasic service is the ability for the collector to record comtaiminates in the bin or an overweight bin, they can do this and also record a picture so the office know more information about the alert.

Price for the Mobile Solution is as follows

  • LF FDX 125 / 134khz is €180 and €20 per month
  • LF HDX 134khz is €200 and €20 per month
  • UHF is €410 and €20 per month

The system is delivered as a mobile RFID reader, Bin Scanner App and WIS cloud API.  We can also provide the Android phone if required.

To order the system please contact us with your PAYT requirements

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