New approach to Customer Onboarding

With over 15 years in the waste management industry we know that most companies are afraid of the workload required when migrating back office waste management systems.  So many things can go wrong and so many horry stories which frighten most.

With Sunrise's WIS Customer Onboarder we make it super easy and quantifable in terms of making cross reference checks seamless.

Our engineers are experienced in most of the leading waste management software and very experienced in MSSQL, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Oracle - so we know how to exact data and minipulate it as required.

We also have the tools to run sync checks, cross reference live data and industry API knowlegde, so we know how to securely run parrallel systems.

In a nut shell, we do all the work and present you all the facts to show that all the data which has been onboarded is correct and ready for the next phase of the deployment.

Call us for a chat if you are unhappy with your current waste management software provider or just want a better system -  no matter where you are in the world, we speak your business language.

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