When you think ecologically, composter is the greenest device you can get. Residential waste is 40% compostable materials. Composting is great for minimizing the quantity of waste that is going to be dumped  and also converting the kitchen waste into a material that is useful for gardening or house plants.

EcoBin composter is heavy-duty made steel material attached to a steady strong frame. The tumbler design is perfect for rotation process. It features two compartments. Just load it up, when the compost in the first one almost ready start using the second compartment.  
It will turn your food waste into compost, which will be used for gardening and for flower beds. It takes about 6-8 weeks to convert household food waste into compost. EcoBin tumbler composter was designed to be rotated, which creates a flawless process.

Composter needs to be spined once / twice a week. Composting process will be faster and more efficient if food scraps are cutted in small pieces. When throw some wood pellets or wood ash spin the Ecobin 2 times around. It will get rich in microorganisms which is beneficial for the soil.

For better results compost need to be balanced with brown organic matter like dry leaves, wood chip, wood ash and cardboard, and green organic matter like grass trimmings, fruit and vegetable scraps. It is good to grind or chop if possible the brown matter, so it will speed the process. Do not overfill the tumbler. The perfect amount of compost is when ¾ of the bin is full.  It needs to be moistened once in awhile and make sure it is not too moist or too dry.

Composting is a good alternative for chemical fertilizers and it is good for the land and environment.

What to compost:

  • fruits and vegetables scraps
  • egg shells
  • dried grass
  • small branches
  • garden plants
  • coffee grounds, filters and tea bags
  • wood ash
  • wood chips and pellets

What do not compost:

  • meat and fish including bones
  • fatty foods and oils
  • pet waste
  • diseased plants
  • dairy products


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