Android App Security Locker

There are many Android Apps that lock or try and lock the OS so users can only use your App, but that's all fine if your App is perfect - and we all know nothing is perfect and it may crash from time to time. We needed a system to completely lock the device and to restart the main App if the App crashed for some reason, so we came up with the concept of the Security App Locker.

We have had this solution embedded into our Android onboard PC for 3 years now and it's a product of our research from reviewing the in cab habits of drivers and collectors over the years. In general if there is a way for this staff group (drivers and collectors) to find away to crack or get around the locking system they will. You can imagine as they drive and have so much time on their hands and lets say want to watch Youtube or chat on Facebook etc they will find a way around the system. Well we put all that knowledge into our Security App Locker - and it locks the device shut!

Currently we added remote unattended access and have this solution installed in over 50 devices, this means our Android App run perfectly without the possibility of interference and we have remote unattended access to check whenever we want.

If you would like to know what our Security App Locker can do for your business contact us today.


  • R&D Project App Security
  • Industry Android Apps
  • Manager Paul Kinsella
  • Year Started 2018
  • Product Version 1.1
  • Project Status With Customers