Plug & Play RFID Reader

The cost efficient all in one RFID reader handheld solution

We have worked for many years in the refuse collection industry and have seen so many rugged RFID readers break, most of which cost thousands and have so many limitations. We wanted a simple all in one device that was cheap and simple to maintain so we came up with the Kanu project. Why the name Kanu? Well we wanted to be able to slide any Android phone into a read hold system which auto paired with the internal reader - so in effect much the same way a person slides into a canoe.

One of the major drawbacks while working 12 hour days with an RFID reader is the battery will fade. We needed a solution to last 24 hours of continuous work on one full charge. So we installed a large Samsung Tablet battery, which is basically double the capacity of a normal Android device. Next off we configured a RFD LF and UHF models from our small RFID mobile PCBs. Lastly we designed a nice handheld style case and we were ready for tests.

As you can see its a cool project and perfect for any industrial requirement.


  • R&D Project Universal RFID Reader
  • Industry All things tracking
  • Manager Paul Kinsella
  • Year Started 2018
  • Product Version 0.4
  • Project Status Internal Trials