Android Vehicle OnBoard Computer – Driver X3

The most cost efficient vehicle PC that works in all conditions as you would expect.

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The Vehicle PC that works correctly for your vehicle

The Android Vehicle OnBoard Computer - Driver X3 as its called is most probably the simplest and most cost efficient vehicle PC in the world.

We know from experience Chinese companies will state they provide cheap Android PCs that do this and that but if you dig deep and spend years investigating like we have you come to the same result and realise you have to develop it yourself correctly and quality assure it all the way. The biggest hurdle we had with our requirement was we needed a device that was so simple and just worked all the time, we didn't want any driver input requirements at all during the start up phase.

So the Driver X3 was born. The product is now 4 years into commercial use and is fast becoming the industry standard for refuse vehicles around the world. The main reason for this is when the driver gets into the vehicle and turns the key, the Driver X3 auto starts and loads the required App. It does this faithfully day in day out, no matter the environmental conditions. There are no on/off or reset buttons, just turn the key and that's it.

All connectivity is done via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wifi so there are also no external wired connections. If you company requires assistance converting RS485 or RS232 into Bluetooth then we can assist with this.

The Driver X3 is shipped with the robust Arkon vehicle mount, which comes with a lockable arm and 2 ball joints. This configuration can be adaptable upon request as we know all vehicles are different.

The Driver X3 is about the same size as a 7” tablet device and is currently delivered in white so as to handle the extreme heat in Saudi Arabia. There are no external openings on the device, so by default the 3G/4G SIM is installed by our team before shipping or if you decide to purchase our Mifi box then no SIM is required.

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