Replace paper route sheets with our incab PC - Driver X3

The Driver X3 handles hundreds of detailed route sheets and guides drivers around complicated routes: turn by turn, so even a beginner can drive a difficult route. The back office WIS console displays detailed KPIs of what was driven vs optimized routes so managers can compare drivers progress.

Skip / Dumpster Routing Made Easy

Most skip / dumpster companies require an experienced administrator to schedule workflows for drivers and to route jobs correctly - with the new WIS skip / dumpster routing, anyone can manage the business from anywhere.

Sunrise presents at the Eco Waste Exhibition in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sunrise Innovations CEO, Paul Kinsella was speaking at the Eco Waste - Waste Management Solutions Forum in Abu Dhabi, UAE, presenting big data as a core catalyst in the future of waste collection.

Preset Back Office Bin Notes for Drivers - mapped on routes

Imagine driving a collection route and all the bins are colour coded and a bin ahead of you has a bin note floating over it to show - that 2 extra recycling bags are accepted with this bin.