The cost efficient solution delivers the latest route management, optimization, task scheduling, debtor control, RFID (UHF/LF), Cameras, AI Robot and if required legal for trade bin weighing seamlessly into your business operation.

The vehicle kit can work with any type of customer’s bin identifier - GPS geofence location, low frequency RFID, ultra high frequency RFID as well as barcode, QR code and NFC.

The RFID reader board has outputs which can link to traffic lights, so if a bin has no identifier or customer has not paid their bill then the light will go red and if OK then it goes green.

The system is super robust and easy to install into any vehicle and some of the immediate benefits are:

    Shorter collection routes / less fuel consumption
    Better driver behaviour and less detours
    Less unpaid rubbish in the hopper
    Full accountability of what was collected
    Better recycling levels across the board
    Greater environmental connection between office and customer

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Addional videos relating to the differences between UHF and LF RFID readers for your waste collection business.