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Available with the most customized solutions in the waste industry, integrated with the web, mobile and seamless for your staff, drivers, trucks, operations, weighbridge, finances, sales,  and customers all in one place.

The Waste Management Solution that makes the difference

The Waste Information Server is a cloud-based server solution that manages all work processes of a labor-intensive business operation.  The WIS server can be set up to power any number of waste collections sectors as well as numerous parallel markets. These include:
    Domestic Refuse Collection Operation
    Commercial Refuse Collection Operation
    RORO Skip Hire Operation
    Local Authority Collection Operation
    Glass & Clothes Amenity Site Collector
    Haulage Company's Tasks Operation
The WIS server is scalable to handle all types and sizes of businesses, so whether you are a local authority with 400 trucks and 2000 staff or a skip hire company with 4 skip trucks - WIS can be customized to handle your business needs.  The WIS server can also be integrated with external systems via our REST API, so if you only need to have GPS tracking and Route Management on 10 trucks and need this data to feed into your existing IT system - then this is no problem.

The powerhouse of the WIS server is the web-based WIS administration system.  On a daily basis, all staff login via the WIS admin or purpose-built apps. This enables the management and tracking (time and position) of all staff and the process management of all daily tasks.  Staff management and holiday planner are inherent features in the admin to help manage all staff.  Every action taken in WIS is tracked and logged, so managers know who did what and when. This assists the management of mistakes and training requirements.  Once you set up a new employee in the staff area, they are automatically given a phone extension and login details.  Then this information enables the employee to use the HIPPO SIP phone client on their PC to manage incoming / outgoing corporate calls in conjunction with the WIS PBX (phone system).  The WIS PBX has all the features of a normal corporate phone system like call forwarding, voicemail, etc. Also, it has a full-featured IVR (interactive voice response) which enables the customer to pay bills via their telephone.

The main goal of the WIS admin is to make workflow smarter and seamlessly (smooth) across all departments. So, simple things like the management of bin deliveries to customers are all done from within customer accounts and auto-updated into the bin manager phone. After it is complete they are updated into the customer account - so no paperwork is required. This is the same for all workflow processes throughout WIS server solution.

All household customers, business debtor, and supplier creditor accounts have an easy way to understand graphical interface which makes it easy to learn. Management of all invoicing and statements are scalable enough to handle large batches of up to 30,000 per paper based run, 50,000 per email run and 10 messages per seconds with SMS. These invoices run for business customers and can be manual or automated depending on your business requirements. All payment types are done via the WIS admin, integrated website system, interactive telephone system and smartphone customer APP. All PCI requirements pass cash, cheques, bank transfer, direct debit, aux charge cards and debit/credit card payments.

Household and business accounts can be billed/charged (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly). Also, can be paid by lift (where the customer is billed for what is picked up) and by weight (where the customer is billed for what is picked up) or a combination of all three options. While billing is scheduled to run charges at a certain interval, both the pay by lift and pay by weight are facilitated at the point of collection. So once a bin is scanned and lifted the appropriate amount is debited from their account and the time stamp / GPS location of the collection is saved. The waste company can require to operate a blacklisting service or not to collect policy for customers who are late paying their bin charges. This information is automatically fed to the driver and/or helper, so they know which bins not to pick up – shown as a visual and verbal notification. Within the WIS admin account, customers can be switched to price plans individually or in a bulk lot. This process as with any important task is password protected for super administrators.

All customer collection locations are GPS tracked and updated in the WIS admin. These collection points can be geo-fenced if stolen bins are an issue for your operation. WIS admin operators can quickly login to customer accounts and view bins at each collection location, route the customer is on, where the truck for that route is now, the last visit by the driver, last collection, next collection, bins and waste type collected, weight of bins, any illegal contents in bins, and any issue that office might have on that collection account. The skips and once off tasks (incl. recurring) point of view, availability is vital as it dictates possible rental sales. Within the WIS admin, we present the task order book in simple data grid style as well as show skip availability based on GPS location (in the yard or out with customers). This information attaches to the online website booking as well as the admin panel for skip ordering.

Routing customers, scheduling of collections, planning routes, optimizing routes are all managed within the WIS admin and the real management of the route navigation and physical collections are managed by our DriverX3 onboard vehicle hardware and the Commercial Manager terminals. Our route optimization system works in manual and automatic mode. If you have a lot of ad-hocs or allow customers to schedule collections themselves the night before then automatically running the route optimizer at a certain time in the night might be required.

Fleet management is an integral part of the WIS admin, so managing the live whereabouts of all vehicles is visually easy. This screen is live updating and pops out so you can display this information on a large screen in the office. The WIS admin fleet manager makes it simple to control vehicle maintenance records, daily vehicle reports, and vehicle tickets - allowing any vehicle to be assessed seamlessly.

The WIS server is probably the most sophisticated, easy to use solution for managing your entire business. It will innovate your business and save you a lot of money. If you would like a live demo of any part of the WIS admin then drop us a line on +353 53 9100100, we would be more than happy to show you how to use it.

Commercial Module Refuse Collector

The Waste Information Server, Commercial Refuse Collector solution provides commercial garbage collectors with a scalable platform on which to advance operations into increased profitability.

The WIS Commercial Collections module manages all aspects of your commercial business.  With its tiered, setup you can easily manage all customers and their branches, with skip/dumpsters, bin services, and waste contracts.

Setting up the commercial system with customers can be done via CSV file import, and commercial accounts can be configured to utilize our pricing levels structure or set as a customized price plan per customer.  From a live collection order point a view, the bin collection service can be set up as a set fee service plan contract, pay per empty, pay by weight or a mixture of two.  If pay by empty or weight is required then bins need to be chipped with an RFID tag.  These can be UHF or LF which are designed to be read at different distances.

Once collection crews are on site their either manually scan the RFID chip (LF or UHF) or automatically scan the truck (UHF).  This scan is then automatically sent to the office admin for processing into the commercial live order account.  If the commercial customer is on a pay by empty or weight service plan, then a charge is automatically debited from their account and the balance will update.  If the company account has a credit limit and after this bin lift the company has surpassed this threshold, then the next time the customer’s bin is scanned the driver and helper will get a verbal and visual command not to empty their bin.

Aside from the live collection order (pickup locations), a corporate account will have price levels for waste types on the weighbridge and also skip / dumpster prices.  Company accounts can also hold shop orders (extra bags or bins, etc).  At the required time all outstanding orders (bin lifts from locations on PAYT, weights on the weighbridge, skip orders and shop orders) can be automatically put onto a corporate invoice and sent via post or email to the company head office.  At regular intervals company statements (of all invoices paid and unpaid) can be automatically sent out.

The WIS commercial accounting system comes complete with sales tax / VAT returns, waste transfer notes as well as the require debt aged reports and all the additional corporate reporting documentation a company needs.

The Commercial Refuse Collector solution is installed in our cloud environment under your credentials http://yourbusiness.wiswm.com or can also be connected to a domain of your choice. Once up and running you can decide to add on new modules as your business requires them.

Secure Credit Card payments can be seamlessly connected to your Realex, Stripe, Paypal or also connected to your merchant clearinghouse. These accounts can be configured for once off or recurring payments.


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  • Trucks  -  You’ll achieve full visibility of your vehicles live 24/7, routes and keeping track of all route KPI and waste collection performance
  • Operations  - We’ll show how the software can grow productivity by more than 73%, management, automate waste collection extensive reports.
  • Finances - We’ll deliver you the fastest billing system with 100% ability to transition online and scale invoicing and reports on autopilot
  • Sales - We’ll help you with  innovative ways to increase your revenue online from 5% to 12%  with our easy web client, Live help, customized marketing modules 
  • Customers - We’ll guarantee customer satisfaction growth by at least 12-15% first year alone with faster and better collection, better connection with Phone System,  SMS notifications, an online portal for them