Provide your customers - collection calendars, lifts/weights, transactions as well as simple and fast ways to pay via the Household APP on the mobile.

WIS - our core Waste Management Software enables waste operators to save money on sending paper format collection calendars to customers via post. Instead, they can choose between displaying them online in the customer login area (individual to each customer), a downloadable App for the iPhone, Android, Ipad or Tablet, or they can set up collection alerts via SMS.

WIS has been sending collection alerts to mobile phones via SMS since early 2007, and today the SMS service boasts a throughput of up to 30 SMS per second.

The strong benefit of SMS over the APP is that everyone has a mobile phone and they have it on all the time and with SMS delivery receipts you can go inside each account holder and view the delivery status of every alert.

From the future point of view, we know that more and more residential householders will have smartphones and access to the Internet – so waste operators can utilize our hybrid system which knows which method the customer wishes to receive the collection alert and which method is currently available. requires and available. So if the customer has the app, the app will alert them to the collection time but if the app is off the system will know to send the alert via SMS.

But still, if the customer requires the calendar to be sent via post mail – the WIS server can auto-create the calendar and place a debit transaction onto the customer account to pay for it.

The collection calendar App is powered by our Recycle Network, which enables Sunrise Innovations to launch one App for all.  By doing so creates a network of businesses and households on which to launch additional service offerings likes deals and adverts.

It’s our view that the Household app should be extendable enough to know when to put my bins out but it also should remind me of all my friends’ birthdays as well as when a new programme is on TV.  The Household app deals with the day to day reality within the home and not just one thing per week.

Within the base version of the App householders can :

  • View their collection days
  • Plan personal and household reminders
  • Top up their account with money from their credit/debit cards
  • View all transactions on their account
  • Transfer funds from their account to another account (e.g. paying a family members bill)
  • Connect to an HDMI TV screen for personal interaction
  • View the latest company deals in their area.
  • Playing myLotto in conjunction with Slaney Bookmakers Ireland


We provided an interconnection to your HDMI TV as we know that many homes want to view the internet on their TV, so things like co-browsing facebook and YouTube should be fun and easy.  You can even watch Netflix from your phone to the HDMI TV seamlessly.

Currently, the Household APP is only available on Android OS, we done this to understand clearly how the customer uses the base version. Once ironed down we will complete the iPhone and Windows versions in early 2014.

Once downloaded: To activate the Household App you will need:

1. Your operator activation code 

2. Once activated will need your account number and password to log in (contact us for test login credentials)

Once the Household App is installed, you can setup the alert notification for when your bins should be put out.  Your account balance will be presented with a simple feature to topup your account securely.

The main additional feature within the Household App is its Deals service.  These deals are updated every day by businesses within the network which you can buy with credit from your account balance.  Purchase receipts are sent via email and also into your account online.

In the Household App release 1.0 we have added an HDMI Phone TV button which enables you to sync your mobile to your HDMI TV – so you can watch youtube on your TV live without the need for a PC.  This feature only works with new phones using Android 4.2  and with TVs which have an HDMI connection socket. 

Our IOS / Android APP is fully customisable to your business and has a host of in-app sticky functions that keep the customers using it a week on week.
Results for our current clients:
  • Save hours each month for your customers with transition the customer portal into the mobile with full access to account details and data
  • Increase service by at least 12 % first year with the #1 Easiest bin collection calendar
  • Get paid 17% faster by giving your customer mobile payments method with top up cards
  • Increase sales by at least 6 % guaranteed with your special offers to your customers within the app
  • Save hours of hassle by getting 100% professional quotes with a click of a button from other 100  + service providers within the app
Provide the Household App to your customers and leave competitors in the dust guaranteed.