The world's only Customer Interaction Robot chat for refuse companies to increase customer service and engagement, set up in less than 18 minutes 

Easiest LIVE HELP with ROBOT to install in less than 18 minutes designed for refuse companies to double customer engagement faster than ever!
Why choose this NOW? Christmas is coming!
More than 82% of all inquiries in commercial, domestic or dumpster businesses are always the same, automate answering correctly in the fastest way possible with increased customer service bt at least 33%.
Also, did you know that 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again if you don't answer their questions on time? 
Customer inquiries are going to be tripled in the next 3-4 weeks, expect a million questions about wheelie bins, lifts, invoicing, accounts, skips/dumpsters, calendar dates, general collection info.

What do you get as a company?

First and foremost this is the easiest way we've found to achieve 26,3 X Return on Investment (ROI) for your waste management business from 11+ years in the industry.

Additionally, you get:

  • On-demand 24/7 customer support for your service with ability to answer more than 96% of questions about your waste management services in the fastest way possible
  • After 1 month of usage, customer service and satisfaction increased by at least 33% 
  • 100% Reduction of human error -  no more losing customer because of support mistakes
  • Huge savings for training and customer support representatives each year - savings from $ 15.000 - 22.000$ a year for each representative
  • The most flexible and smart ROBOT - expert in waste collection, skips/dumpsters that can answer 95% of all questions in just seconds
  • Real-time adapting, learning, by gaining data from your customers is the framework of the ROBOT, knowing how to solve specific issues in the fastest way possible
  • Finally, achieve online sales automation and support automation with the ROBOT ability to serve your client's inquiries and do sales on demand with your offers, pricing options for waste collection services or ordering a dumpster from your website
  • Increase customer engagement by 57% and sales by at least 8% first year

Our Customer Interaction Robot will:
  • Automate 24/7 top notch customer service support
  • Reduce 100% of human error customer service support
  • Save you a ton of money, since you don't need a ton of customer service representatives
  • Achieve a 232% quicker response to your customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction and service by 33% at least with making your customers more engaged with your company with using emoticons
  • Customized for waste collectors domestic, commercial and skip hire companies (dumpster rentals)
  • The Customer Interaction Robot will be an on-demand expert in your service, promoting your brand
  • Have a name and will feel as humanized and engaged as possible for the customer for better experience
Other features:
  • From over 632 + waste management businesses we’ve spoken, over 72% of their new customers want answers from your waste collection service on the spot without calling  - be there for them with our Customer Interaction Robot.
  • All waste management companies have drivers that you need to speak with on daily basis. Speak 3X faster with them via our Fleet Management System and AI chat Robot.
  • Get 24/7 Online Ticketing System when your staff is not nearby to help your customers 
  • Virtually all waste management companies have a website setup but don’t have access to website statistics and performance growth, choose our robot friend - expert in waste collection to get that handled now


The setup is the easiest in the world, as it's just copying and pasting a script from us on your website to activate the ROBOT, it should take less than 18 minutes to have it LIVE.

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