All-in-one Dumpster Cloud Software for the dumpster container businesses to make more money and having predictable growth.

The #1 Problem of Dumpster businesses are day to day inefficient operations. This is what limits them to make more money today. 

That's why you see businesses that operate for 15+ years and actually have no scale, process in place.

If you're in the waste management business and need help, consulting, advice on how to make more money we highly recommend considering innovative technology that will actually give you efficiency, optimized results, more predictable income, better customer service, easier day to day operations for your drivers, increased back office staff productivity.

Results you’re getting from our Dumpster Cloud Software:
  • Save up to 33% more time without entering dumpster orders all day with our web client and order book system
  • Guaranteed increase in customer satisfaction by 27% first year with using our customer communication within the platform
  • Increase dumpster orders by at least 8% with our online Shop System 
  • Save at least 7 hours each week with order entry, customers data, invoicing, manual paperwork
  • Increase getting paid faster by at least 25% with our dumpster availability management feature
  • Automate planning, routes, reports and get your office staff 73% more productive this year

We literally have thought of the easiest way to manage and scale up operations of a dumpster container business and created a customized platform for the businesses that want to increase efficiency, make more money, save more time and keep track and monitor tasks, inventory, drivers, trucks, customers.

Why is this system the #1 Dumpster Platform in the world? Number 1 reason is that we are seamlessly integrated with all parts of your business with a very logical FLOW.

Let's get into details on the FLOW and how our Dumpster Platform works. 

Here are the old school style operations of dumpster businesses.

1. All your new customers find you by references, search on the internet, word of mouth, reviews and they go online to research your Dumpster Business.

2. Customers go to your website, contact you for your services by phone or ''Contact us'' and wait for your response or quotation.

3. You contact them, enter basic information, do the paperwork, and go to deliver the skips/dumpsters to their house and sign the documentation and necessary contracts

4. Getting paid can be done via phone credit card once they requested their services or after delivery of the dumpster depending on company

5. Everything is done by phone between dispatcher, drivers, and customers following-up multiples times a day

Before understanding how the WIS Dumpster Software works, you need to grasp that virtually every dumpster container businesses from all over the world, either you are in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Ireland, West and East Europe - has an online presence of the firm.

Now, check the new innovative flow that will make you go the next level:

1. Customers have an online sign-up form for your service, requesting every single detailed information and even having a ROBOT chat assisting him along the way so he knows that dumpster he needs for what type of waste

2. The online sign-up order is automatically synced into the back office Dumpster Software, with the ability to getting paid on the spot by credit card or other payment gateways, the customers can also pay online with payments gateways like Paypal.

3. The order booking system is synced automatically with our Dumpster Mobile App that is designed for your drivers that deliver the dumpsters, this eliminates 100% of the paperwork. The only thing they need to do when they come to work is log in to the app, select the route and check what they need to do, after that you can monitor, dispatch, and assign them more LIVE tasks from the back office software.

4. Accounting and a complete scaleable invoicing system are integrated, and a Customer Management System is available for keeping in touch with all your customer's notes and dates. Companies that want your services can have their own customer portal on your website as well.

5. Keep track of all the trucks, dumpsters via GPS tracking and monitor on daily basis from the back office system

The unique core features of the WIS Dumpster Module has are the following:

  • Dumpster Price Plan Management  - setting up price plans for area zones, setting up customized prices for commercial dumpsters, cash sales orders management process, company orders management with invoicing, Commercial Invoice Manager
  • Waste Type Creation and Management 
  • Daily Extra Fee Option for getting paid more from your customers with SMS notifications
  • Web client Payments for Cash Sales orders and Company Orders with VAT Configurations
  • Content Management and Editing of the Online Dumpster Ordering System
  • Sync Order Online, Dumpster Order Manual Creation, Re-order functionality with a click of a button
  • Dumpster Order Management with advanced filters, payments statuses, and operations status (new, delivered)
  • Dispatching Orders to the Mobile App of your drivers via our Task Scheduler functionality
  • Dumpsters Availability Management feature - view your inventory of dumpsters where they are, keeping it itemized and organized
  • Dumpsters GPS tracking 
  • Allocating Dumpsters Tasks to different routes or drivers via our Task Scheduled 
  • Managing Live Tasks of Dumpsters thanks to the Task Scheduler and Mobile App
  • Drivers Routes Management
  • Driver Time Monitorization via Mobile App Login works in both offline mode and online mode
  • Driver Live tracking on the map 
  • Driver Report printed from the back office system or downloaded in a CSV file


Bonus Add-on Module - Robot CHAT that comes FREE if you purchase the Dumpster Software License.

You can get additional automation for your Dumpster Container business if you purchase the Dumpster Software License WIS that already has included the Dumpster App.

How does the Robot Chat help your business?

1) All new customers online that come to your website will have specific questions about what dumpsters or service to acquire for their specific needs, here's when the ROBOT chat is being pro-active and coming into play to help with answering virtually any questions they have.

2) All your current commercial or residential customers may need daily basis support or questions about any issues or renting your dumpster for more days, again, your ROBOT chat pro-actively is there 24/7 to help them.

We've customized the ROBOT with a massive amount of knowledge designed for the dumpster container business, with specific keyword framework and AI ( Artificial Intelligence) thinking so he can help your customers instantly increasing satisfaction, delivering top-notch service and positioning your company as a waste expert in the area.

The ROBOT chat is designed to learn from your customer behavior the fastest approach possible that will solve their problems next time.

The process of installing him takes 8-17 minutes depending on some customization and will save your business at least $ 30.000 of training new customer support representative or hiring new people in the offices.

Why believe in the ROBOT?

1) He is acting like a human being, has the best customer services practices integrated

2) He is #1 Expert in the Waste Management Industry and Dumpster Container Business, understanding pricing, your services, asking specific questions to get them the best industry and business solution

3) He is available 24/7 for helping your business and customers, answers virtually anything related to your services, does on-demand sales and he is a LIVE FAQ for your customer base.

4) He is the fastest way to automate your business online to save more money and increase sales, customer satisfaction, and engagement levels

You get this for FREE if you purchase the Dumpster System.

When you purchase the ROBOT in the link below mention that you want the Dumpster Software and ROBOT special deal and our team will contact you right away.