World's most cost-efficient Dynamic Bin Weighing system, monitor your customer's bin contents weight after each collection cycle

Our Bin Weighing is a cost-efficient dynamic weighing system that achieves a stable accuracy of within +/-1% for household and commercial bins. The weighing system is very straightforward to install and fully integrates with the Truck Router software (and DriverX3) system to provide individual bin weights whilst displaying a running total of collected weights, helping crews to prevent overloads.

The weighing system is fully adaptable to install on all lifter designs and can be easily fitted to a Front, Rear or Side Loading system. The contents weight of the bin is calculated by deducting the tare weight from the gross weight and providing a net result weight.

Dynamic bin weighing fits perfectly into the business model where companies need to monitor customers bin contents weight to ensure they are invoiced correctly for the amount of waste they produce. All data is fed into the Waste Information Server (or 3rd party system) in real time so office staff can see exact details of each lift:

  • Date / Time Collected
  • Vehicle Registration
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Bin Lifter Position
  • Waste Type / Bin Size
  • Collected RFID Bin Chip Read
  • Net Weight of Content (kgs or pounds)


8 Reasons why your company need to choose our Dynamic Bin Weighing System.

  1. Most Affordable Legal for Trade Weighing System on the market. This is due to our unique cost efficient components. 2X more affordable than any other Bin Weighing System in the world.
  2. Unique System Alerts - if anything is wrong the fleet manager gets an alert.
  3. Fewer components equal less can go wrong and less maintenance.
  4. Scans all RFID types and can stop the lifter for an account on hold, RFID not present, and unknown RFID.
  5. Sunrise staff are NSAI verifiers and can certify our own systems.
  6. We are already working with other Dublin operators so we can easily support your business 24/7
  7. All lifts & weights are held in the WIS server and can sync with any system via our web services API (free of charge)
  8. Cameras - our DriverX3 on-board system can connect with vehicle cameras to record bin not present.  These are own camera systems.

If your business also needs to keep track of accounts while collecting bins and do not want to empty accounts that have not paid, then we can implement our blacklisting service. To read more about our blacklisting service visit our Pay per Empty Bin Collector service. This service can handle both bin collector and automated lifting systems.

Bin Weighing

driverx3-wback.jpg helper-x-specs.png


The Waste Information Server allows operators to monitor and plan the vehicle’s load carrying capacity, monitoring periods of inactivity and inefficient half loads, reducing the risk of future prosecutions for vehicle overload. Controlling and preventing the collection of unwanted and unknown bins is essential for an effective collection operation. Cases for rejecting unwanted bins include: the bin has no tag or an unknown tag or the collection has been frozen through non-payment. Emptied or not, all transactions are recorded on an exception report.

 Bin Weighing  Dynamic Bin Weighing  Weighing Wheelie Bins

We install and certify bin weighing system in our yard in Killurin, Wexford, Ireland. If required we can visit your location to install and certify system. To fabricate, install and certify takes approx. 4 - 5 days depending on fabrication. Up to 2 vehicles can be worked at with 1 person at a time.

Weighing Certification
Our bin weighing hardware has been approved and certified as a Class Y(b) system (OIML R51 standard) by the NMI (certificate number TC8243 - up to 350kgs total lift)

On top of that:
  •   NSAI Approved
  •   ISO 9001 Certified
  •   50 installations operational over 4 years.
  •   Certification and Re-verification
  •   10 Degree testing ramps in Wexford



Back Office Software WIS integrated with the Dynamic Bin Weighing system - Domestic module to scale up household waste collection



Lifts and Weight Customer Portal - is also a top notch addon solution for delivering more real-time value to your commercial or household customers



Email Billing & SMS Message Addon Module can increase how fast you can get paid by 33% in less than 1 month and customer satisfaction growth by 66% in the next year.

Some included features of the addon are:
  • Bulk send invoices via email (up to 50,000 daily)
  • Send, Read, Rejected Receipts (antispam)
  • HTML and PDF variations of invoice templates
  • Email address checker and updater
  • Text Message reminders (bin collection alerts)


Our basic Software and Installation Support for the Dynamic Bin Weighing System is 200€ per vehicle and includes:

  • Full system support via telephone and email
  • On call field support covering faults and on-demand
  • Data sync with the WIS back office system
  • Data backup in WIS storage
  • 2-year warranty
  • Software Updates
  • Possible to connect cameras to this system - just contact us and let us know your requirements


In case you need top-notch assistance from our team or any other installation customization just let us know and we'll connect immediately with a quote.

System Components
  • Incab PC - Driver X3 (Optional)
  • Weighing Indicator - HelperX
  • Bluetooth Connectivity Hub
  • Rugged Load Cells - 500kgs
  • Angle Sensors / Proximity Switches
  • RFID Antenna / RFID Reader
  • Traffic Lights Display



System Capabilities
  • Accurate weighing within 1kg
  • Blacklist Bins / Credit Control
  • Identify Unchipped Bins
  • Identify Unknown Bins
  • Route Navigation - Bins listed
  • Route Optimization
  • Driver Reporting
  • Driver Messaging
  • Task Management


Overview of the Dynamic Bin Weighing:
  • +/- 1 % accuracy for Household and Commercial bins
  • Weights all types of wheelie bins in automatic mode  - no stopping
  • Class Y(b) system (OIML R51 standard) by the NMI (certificate number TC 8243 - up to 350kgs total lift)
  • Fabrication, installation, and certification are done in 4 - 5 days, along with super easy maintenance.
  • Full API Integration and KPI Reporting
  • Integrated with all our other products or systems
  • All your staff will have the ability to monitor all bin content weights from the office with very detailed information on date, vehicle, GPS, bin lifter position, waste type, bin size, collected RFID Bin Chip Read, Net Weight.