Bin Manager - a revolution in bin management tasks based on routes or planned schedules for all your drivers



The Bin Manager is an interconnected system comprised of a module inside the Waste Information Server and mobile software. It handles all of the daily bin tasks to be carried out, ensuring seamless daily operations within a refuse collection company. The comprising parts are the WIS Bin Manager module and Bin Manager mobile applications. The main tasks covered can be categorized as:
  • Bin Inventory & Task Management
  • Contaminated content in Recycling & Organic Bins
  • Deploying RFID chips or Barcodes on Bins

Within the Bin Inventory & Task Management we control all movement of bins to and from the customer’s premises, these tasks are:

  • Deliver Bins to a new customer
  • Change Bins to different type of Bins at the customer premises
  • Collect Bins and bring back to the yard
  • Collect Bins and move them to a new address for the customer
  • Replace the RFID chip in the Bin
  • Repair or replace the Bin at the customer premises


Tasks are seamlessly managed from both the WIS server back office software and from the bin manager’s mobile device. Clear reporting is available to track any issues that may arise.

Managing Contaminated contents in Recycling & Organic Bins
Management of contaminated content in Recycling and Organic Bins is becoming an area that requires attention. The only way to increase the quality of content is to analyze contents at the bin and automatically record data into the WIS control panel. The WIS can then penalize or inform/educate the customer going forward.

RFID or barcode enabling all of your Bins
Deploying RFID chips (low or ultra high frequency) or barcodes into all of your wheelie bins can be a daunting task and also very expensive. The bin manager mobile system provides a very cost-efficient and speedy way of deploying thousands of chips per day, per person.  All updates from the bin manager mobile system are fed in real-time into the WIS waste management software, to update the customer's accounts and task listings.

Support & Installation Process
Setup Bin Manager Module and Bin manager Application for your business:
  • Setting up Bin Collection Staff
  • Setting up Delivery Routes
  • Adding Waste Types
  • Adding Bin Types and Stock
  • Assigning bins to a customer’s account
  • Viewing and defining between Bin Tasks
  • Deploying Second Tag Functionality
Monthly Service Level Agreement (SLA) includes
  • Full system support via telephone and email
  • Software Updates
  • Data sync with the WIS back office system
  • Data backup in WIS storage
  • 3-year warranty
# 1GB 3G/4G Data Sim Card is suitable (not included in SLA)
# Any Android Phone will work fine (We recommend Samsung devices)
Features And Use Cases:
  • Manage all Bin Tasks 
  • Manages Onsite Bin Audits
  • Super fast RFID Bin Chip Deployment
  • Handles Barcode and RFID Bin Chip Deployment
  • GPS updates the bin location after task is complete
  • Handles pictures and signatures
  • Bin Task Dashboard improved productivity of 47% on average for all company staff
  • Customer Navigation increased driver to customer interaction and service by over 33%
  • Offline mode will not stop you as job tasks will be updated into the system
  • Bin Inventory & Task Management
  • Contaminated content in Recycling & Organic Bins
  • Deploying RFID chips or Barcodes on Bins