Easiest Commercial Waste Management App in the world designed for waste collectors that pickup wheelie bins from businesses 

At Sunrise Innovations, we named this app the Trade Manager App. The app is being used by thousands of workers and is by far the easiest way to schedule, monitor and complete live tasks by your drivers in commercial waste management.
The app can be used by your staff, fleet managers, and most importantly by your drivers on any android device like a smartphone or tablet.
The Trade Manager App is so easy and intuitive to use that every driver will understand managing it in less than a 15-minute intro.
The learning curve to transition to the app was reduced by 166% in comparison with any other waste management technology! How?
Our tech team has programmed 
  • Vocal technology for delivering vocalized notifications for easing up the drivers daily job
  • Take fast actions and doing the job by maximum 3 or 4 taps that increase speed of work by at least 66% on daily basis
  • Very intuitive interface and design in-app web development for 93% more easy of use

With our Waste Commercial App your drivers will have the ability to manage and complete commercial waste collection tasks on daily basis, from regular, interval-based or ad-hoc with route schedule.

The system will allow you to track your drivers with GPS tracking, alerting your drivers when they come to close to workers in the yard or off-site.

Ability to capture data by taking photos, signatures, RFID scan and barcode is available for your drivers.

Features Overview of WIS Commercial & Trade Manager :

1) Commercial Waste Driver Task Management 

2) Commercial Waste Collection Fleet GPS Tracking

3) Commercial Waste Collection Route Management & Optimization

4) Built-in Driver Alert for proximity 

5) Task Scheduler - Dispatch from the back offices 

6) Commercial Customers Management System

7) Bins Inventory Management and configuration

8) Accounts Management & Billing

9) Data capture via Digital Picture, Signature

10) Data capture via RFID and barcode scanning

11) Staff & Document Management

12) Areas & Waste Type Management


  • Increase safety by over 23% with our vehicle inspection & report system
  • Get rid of 100% false customer and drivers claims with electronic signature and picture proof
  • Save hours a week for each driver with live tasks 
  • Transition all your drivers to paperless workflow
  • Improve productivity by more than 73% for all your company