Dumpster App -  android easy app to monitor, and complete live dumpster tasks designed for dumpster container drivers 

  • Saving 5+ hours each week for all your drivers with paperless workflow
  • Increasing safety by over 50% with digital vehicle inspection on daily basis
  • Reduce false claims by your customers and drivers by 33% first year with digital pictures and proof of delivery e-signatures

We always encourage dumpster container businesses and skip hire operations to always consider the best technology for growing fast and leaving your local competition in the dust. 

Stop using fax, paperwork, all that hassle and transition everything on a secure web cloud, completely integrated between staff, drivers, tasks on a tablet or mobile app.

What is the core of the Mobile Dumpster App is learning the basics in under 15 minutes of using it in the field?
Top features are:
  • Paperless task scheduling with advanced routing for your drivers when delivering the dumpsters 
  • Dispatching via the back office system directly to the dumpster app, which saves you at least 5+ hours a week per driver
  • Ability to handle Delivery Dumpster Tasks, Collection Dumpsters Tasks, Exchange Dumpster Tasks no matter the network connectivity
  • The #1 Easiest Interface to get used to on the back office system and mobile app dumpster - complete joy to work with the drivers,  learning curve of getting the basics in 15 minutes of using it real time 
  • Task rich information with specific customer notes from your offices, Dumpster identification number, Dumpsters specific problems via digital pics directly from the app
  • E-signature and name insertion of the customers once the tasks are completed for electronic proof of delivery and reducing false claim by up to 16% first 6 months - on average savings of 8% for your dumpster business
  • The most intuitive, important day to day Vehicle Inspection Check Reports in the waste management industry - over 20+ Types of Inspection from Tyres, Oil, Engine etc.