The fastest mobile low-frequency RFID Readers for waste collection!

Our RFID reader is perfect for reading RFID tags in wheelie bins, syncing and interacting perfectly with any of our commercial Android Apps.
  • Operate up to 16 hours thanks to the battery life, near 3000 RFID reads
  • Achieve full charge of the RFID reader in 40 minutes
  • Mobile ready
  • Full durable and material consistent
  • Extremely fast charging capabilities
  • Easiest to operate from perspective of hundreds and hundreds of waste collection crews

The Mobile RFID system can go hand in hand with the Bin Collector Solution.

Our unique collection system for rear loading collection trucks enable the collection crew to scan RFID chipped bins on the fly. This has proven NOT to slow down collection runs compared to other RFID scanning systems fitted to the truck that can increase collection durations by 30%.  As you can see from the video below, the collector has the RFID reader fitted into our specially designed gloves and the Android device in his jacket. This robust and cost-efficient system has been in operation in Ireland since late 2007 and has proven to save money for waste companies in regard to not having to lift unpaid customers bins.

Setting up the collection crew system takes approx 5 mins and educating the staff is straightforward as all they have to do is log in and scan RFID tags all day.  The mobile device verbally speaks commands to the collection staff in a high pitched lady's voice, so all the collector has to do is listen and obey.  Once the collection run is done, they simply log out.  The system is designed to work in both online and offline modes, so any scanning in offline is saved to the device and later automatically sent to the WIS server.

If you have a side loader or front loading collection truck, then you will need our Onboard RFID Reader (fitted into the truck). This unit has a long RFID read range (approx 5 meters) and alerting is presented on the Truck Router dashboard device. Bins will also need to be fitted with UHF RFID chips as well. The drawback back this system has over the collector who manually puts the trash into the back of the truck is – monitoring of contaminates when collecting organic and recycling bins.

Both our Low Frequency (where a person physically empties the bin) and the Ultra High Frequency (where the lift arm empties the bin) link directly to the WIS Server via our secure REST server, which encrypts inbound and outbound information.  If you would like bin lift data to be fed into your existing software directly, then we would have to link your system to WIS via our REST API or you could export manually from the WIS control panel via Excel / CSV.

Customized Radio-frequency identification (RFID) Tags for your business

Today wheelie bins (bin carts) normally come with low-frequency RFID chips preinstalled. But these world tag chips are expensive and also means the bin needs to have a sticker to present the customer details on the side. Not only this but you also need to have a barcode / RFID hardware device to register the bin onto your system prior to delivery. So much unneeded work. With our philosophy of “save time and money” RFID chips are durable plastic sticker cards, which can easily be sent in the post and affixed to any bin type.

We at Sunrise Innovations take pride in designing and manufacturing RFID tags. Working together with your business to plan the right RFID tag and technology suitable for your environment. The management phases of any RFID deployment are:

1. Discussion with your business about the business requirements and planning the appropriate RFID technology.

2. Designing the RFID tag and delivering samples for approval.

3. Field tests to read RFID tags and testing working scenarios e.g blacklisting, lifts count, contamination’s, etc.

4. Full-scale manufacturing of the entire RFID tag order and delivery.

5. After sales support and quality assurance.

All of our RFID tag stickers use the strongest 3M epoxy, thus making it very difficult to remove the tag once applied. All RFID tags come with a 5-year guarantee.

Scanning of the RFID tags on bins is handled by our software suite – all depending on your business requirements.

Once bins/carts have been fitted with RFID tags – and your business requires bins to be taken back, changing of address or managing broken bins etc – we have all the requirements covered in our Bin Manager software which runs on the cost-efficient Android OS mobile phone.

For more information on getting RFID Tags manufactured for your business please contact us.