#1 Onboard RFID Reader - Auto Reading UHF RFID Tags from up to 5 meters -Front & Side Loaders


Our RFID reader kit is the ideal solution for waste management companies who wish to monitor presentation rates of customers bins on a route. The hardware kit is delivered in an industrial waterproof shell which is specifically designed to fit on waste collection vehicles.
The RFID reader and antenna come in 125 kHz or 134 kHz formats but can be delivered for high/ultrahigh-frequency RFID chips. The RFID reader kit can be sold as a stand-alone system or together with our Driver X3 onboard vehicle system or with our full bin weighing system.

Our onboard system works seamlessly with side, front and rear loaders. As soon as the waste truck pulls over a home with bins ready for collection, our UHF RFID scanning hardware fitted into the truck immediately reads the tag on the bin, at a distance of up to 5 meters.

Once a tag is scanned, the driver is immediately informed what action he needs to take. Once a bin status is changed, the data is recorded in the Truck Router application and sent back to the office in real time.

In this unified service – both front-end office staff and OnBoard system interact fully to manage customer data and blacklisting in the most efficient way. No matter whether it is a front, side or rear loader truck, UHF RFID tag is scanned and recorded.


Our system allows blacklisting to work seamlessly, preventing the driver from emptying the bin. A message is displayed on and verbalized by the Truck Router app, informing the driver that bin picks up needs to stop. In case a blacklisted customer’s bin is emptied despite this double warning, information is encrypted, saved and sent back to the office.

  • RFID Reader 125kHz and 134 kHz format
  • Single purpose to scan bin chips and don’t miss a read
  • RFID Reader/Antenna can be installed on any vehicle type
  • Read tags in short or long distance away
  • Automatic scanning for RFID chips every millisecond


Fully compatible with our Bin Weighing system, DriverX3  - In-Cab PC and Software