Proven Route Optimization System that can save more than $ 2.2 millions for your waste management business in 1 year for every 13 trucks 

Achieve more with less with our Route Optimization solution

Our route optimization algorithm makes it easy to produce the most optimal route for your collection points. The system can work in an automated and manual service depending on your business requirements. Automated service could be used when you have many ad-hoc collections automatically coming from the website or IVR and you need to optimize the route before drivers start to work at 05:00 in the morning for example. Whether in automated or manual, the route optimizer takes start and finish location, collection points, road types, time of day, and vehicle capacity into account when formulating the new optimized route.

Optimization of a route can take anywhere between 10 mins to 5 hours to complete. These processes run in the background so you do not need to leave the WIS admin open. Once complete routes can be saved directly as the new route for a driver or additional edits to the optimized route can be done to tweak it further.





Save money up to 33% and lower refuse vehicle emission because of less driven miles


Using smart route optimization has the effect of increasing customer satisfaction up to 33% and driver happiness and retention at their jobs.

Once saved the new optimized route is ready to be synced down to the onboard PC system in the vehicle so they can navigate their way around the new route.

We've proven to all our customers to save more than $ 2.2 mln dollars on yearly basis for every 13 trucks operating on the road in waste collection.
The first step to enrolling in the program is to show us what you do and we'll show how much money you can save on your routes. Contact us right away and we'll get to know your business and some basic information to make this happen. 
Again, with this system, our customers achieve doing more waste volume, having less staff, fewer trucks, paying less fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance thanks to a complete step by step route optimization plan.
The model is guaranteed to work for smaller and bigger operations and save waste collectors the most amount of cash possible.
Every single customer that used the optimization program completely changed their business to have access to new cash every single year and have opportunities to invest for more growth.
Invest your time today and get committed to having a new cost-saving strategy and project for your waste management business and our team will promise you guaranteed results.

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Videos of Truck Router Software in operation.





Screenshots of Truck Router Software in operation.



  • Achieve cost savings from 18% to 22% on annual basis, 
  • Save hours a week for your drivers, fleet manager, office 
  • Increase the % of waste volume collection by having the fewer trucks on the route
How do we achieve this:
  • Having a quick call to understand your business, operations, basic information
  • Customize on client agreement the route optimization based on your operations, routes, trucks, staff, and collection points
  • Minimize the number of vehicles and routes that were driven 
  • Maximize stops and lifts per hour
  • Reduction of 12-15% of work hours, labor and overtime costs
  • Decrease fleet maintenance, fuel consumption, and emission 
  • Saving the history of optimized routes and top notch Route KPI reporting tools