The Skip Hire solution that reduce workloads and increases efficiency

The Waste Information Server, Skip – Dumpster Hire Solution provides greater autonomy and flexibility for your business.

If your business already has a software solution to operate your Skip Hire operations, and you are only looking for a specific module to handle skip tasks on the phone, then read about our Commercial Manager module.

As a skip hire business owner, there is so much you need to handle – sales, inventory, accounting, and staff, just to name a few. It is you who has to deal with the dreaded paperwork – an order-book, an accounting book, a staffing book, etc. This scattered way of storing information makes findings things energy and time-consuming, and is most probably slowing down your progress.

If you are not yet, then you should be searching for a simpler, more efficient way to manage your skip hire business. Who would not like to get rid of paperwork, to have all aspects of their company in one unified system that will never lose any information? Wouldn’t you want to be in total control of tasks, customers, and orders and access this information at any time, remotely? Well, WIS is the system that will provide the best solution for your business!

What are the advantages of WIS over your current state of things, you ask? The answer is that WIS is an integrated system that automates all day to day operations, and can work miracles in your sales department, too. All your company’s information is unified, organized, and safely stored, as WIS is backed-up four times a day. WIS focuses on getting you more business, thus saving your time and making your business more money.

How do all these elements work in “real life”? Let’s review the closed loop that WIS provides for your company, shall we? WIS consists of a leading website service (called webclient), where customers can place their skip orders; a back-end system to register and manage them, a mobile client to inform the drivers of their tasks, and an optional weighbridge and integrated phone system to help further.

The office receives the orders through WIS, and once the Job Manager makes sure all customer details are in, he allocates the jobs to the mobile system (called mobile client). No need to print anything out or write anything down. The system keeps all information online.

Skip drivers receive the customer’s GPS details and full task requirements on their phones through the Mobile Client. Once the skip is delivered, the drivers use the same device to obtain an electronic signature from the customer on site, which makes the customer accountable for the received services.

The data is transmitted to the office and into WIS, which automatically fixes a collection date, based on schedule or customer preferences. Again, the drivers are immediately informed of it through the Mobile Client, they arrive at the customers’ location and take the skip to the weighbridge accordingly. All of the captured data by the weighbridge and the Mobile Client is accessible from the office in real-time. At any given point, administrators can log in and check a skip task status. The collected data is sent back to the office and is automatically made available for invoicing purposes.

Note how much mobility WIS gives you – the business owner. You can go on a vacation and remotely access WIS to monitor the operations, to keep track of staff roster, work flow tasks or to simply check up on things. Coupled with greater efficiency, the WIS will also increase your sales through the webclient and its advanced marketing module – thus reducing your operation costs and increasing revenues.

Benefits Skip Manager gives your business: • Increases sales from online skip hire orders • Automates accounting and managing payments • Provides open scalable system and access from anywhere • Makes skip order processing much easier and faster • Generates detailed reporting to overview all aspects of your business • Ensures Skip Inventory control and efficient staff timekeeping

The Skip – Dumpster solution is installed in our cloud environment under your credentials http://yourbusiness.wiswm.com or can also be connected to a domain of your choice. Once up and running you can decide to add on new modules as your business requires them.

Secure Credit Card payments can be seamlessly connected to your Realex, Stripe, Paypal or also connected to your merchant clearing house. These accounts can be configured for once off or recurring payments.

In a nutshell – WIS will make your business more profitable with minimum efforts on your side.