Achieve top-notch safety and incident recording in waste management and save up to 33% on insurance premium for every vehicle - with AI Vehicle Cameras

In today's environment service providers need to know what's happening on and around their vehicle “all the time”. As margins become tighter, cameras become not only a beneficial but a vital component of every vehicle, providing companies with:
Our vehicle cameras can cover 360 degrees around the vehicle and can be fitted with the Driver X3 for route navigation or as a stand-alone camera system in any vehicle.  There is no limit to the number of cameras a vehicle can be installed with, as our cameras are individual micro PCs. 
These micro PC cameras can store up to 7 days of footage while in offline mode and can also push footage over 3G to the WIS back office service on-demand.
The main advantage our vehicle cameras have over standard industry cameras is that they can be individually programmed to perform different tasks, e.g. is the driver on the phone while driving, check the contents of the bin, check if bins are illegally emptied, etc.  
Our cameras can also sync with SQL database requests and set triggers to notify key staff members about important occurrences e.g. GPS position has no customer registered and lift recorded with contaminants.
We designed our camera system to be future proof for the waste management industry - a system we call “thinking eye” that gives customers unlimited possibilities in real time. 
  • Ability to save money on insurance premiums and  also to reduce the insurance claims        
  • Monitor what collectors are putting into the hopper - reducing collection fraud     
  • Monitoring if customer’s bins are out - reducing customer complaints        
  • Monitoring driver performance - driving the route        
  • Analyse daily vehicle reporting
PC / Camera Specifications
  • Raspberry OS running Python (Broadcom BCM2835 application processor, 1GHz ARM11 core, 512MB of LPDDR2 SDRAM)
  • 5MP sensor, 2592x1944 pixels
  • 1080p video at 30 FPS (or 60 FPS at 720p, 90 FPS at 480p)
  • Field of View: 160 degrees (while other normal cameras are typically 72 degrees)
  • Diagonal angle : 160 degree // Horizontal angle : 120 degree
  • Storage SD 64GB (storing up to 10.5 days of footage working 10 hours per day - 720p)
  • Wifi / Bluetooth enabled (5 volts powering)
  • Video Sync with our Driver X3 in-cab device, Trade, and Skip Manager App or SDK.
  • Reduction in Insurance Claims
  • Managing Health and Safety
  • Item and Vehicle Recognition
  • Live Viewing via Wifi / 3G (3G when connected to APP)
  • Real-Time safety alerts (in cab), obstacles, lane change, collisions
  • Motion sensor → auto alerting → with 5 min clip after motion


System Support:

  • Full system support via telephone and email
  • On call field support covering faults and on-demand
  • 4G data sim for the vehicle (4GB max)
  • Data sync with the WIS back office system
  • Data backup in WIS storage
  • 3-year warranty
  • Software Updates

Fitting cameras onto a refuse truck will drive down your insurance premium but unlike others, our cameras are designed to fit the waste management industry demands. 
The ability to take photos of bins not out and to auto send video reports to the fleet manager if the driver did not do his/her vehicle walk around checks - are just a few. 
Additional research we are currently working on is the ability to count bags and recognize illegal contents in the hopper.
Unlike other camera systems, our AI vehicle cameras are completely customizable for your needs and with PC and AI software integrated the capabilities of monitoring are endless.
It can fit any vehicle types whatsoever, and this will integrate with the GPS tracking system, a 7-day loop of complete data back-up, and LIVE view into the back office system.
The true beauty of the cameras is 360 view with covering all angles possible and giving access to driver behavior for training future drivers on the best practices, eliminating aggressive speeding, swerves, lane departures and more.
Other Features
Make the choice that’s right for you with road-facing only, two cameras or up to four.
Web-based and mobile capable “3-steps to coach” workflow is a favorite of coaches and drivers alike.
Captures aggressive speeding, swerves, lane departures & more. Capable of triggering from specialty equipment.
Capture hard to get sideswipe, backing and low impact collisions with video on demand.
Document customer pick-ups to validate and identify new revenue opportunities.
Management reports & numeric performance scores tell you where to focus and make it easy to benchmark against peers.
Other benefits from the Smart Vehicle Camera System:
  •     Meet Vehicle Safety Compliance
  •     Reduction in Fleet Insurance
  •     Protection of Company Assets
  •     Reduction in Fleet Accident Rate
  •     Increase in Fuel Economy
  •     Greater Security & Threat Detection
  •     Quicker Claim Resolution
  •     Prevention of False Claims
  •     Improvement in Driver Behaviour
  •     Reduction of Fleet Risk
  •     Mitigation Against False Injury Claims
  •     Elimination of Vehicle Blindspots
  •     Mitigation Against False Whiplash Claims
  •     Prevention of Crash-for-Cash
  • Save up to 33% on insurance premium on annual basis
  • Reduce accidents by at least 23% with driver behavior analysis
  • Prevent false claims, illegal dumping, eliminate blind spots for all your fleet
  • Live recording from all possible angles integrated into your back office