Extremely practical and scalable marketing, SMS notifications and invoicing system for your waste management customers

Within the WIS admin, we provide the ability to communicate invoices and statements via email and SMS (text message on the mobile). This enables a business of 10,000 customers sending on average 2 bills years to save over €14,000 per annum. Our throughput enables the management of all invoicing and statements to scale enough to handle large batches of up to 50,000 per email run and 10 messages per seconds with SMS.

The system enables many variable database content strings to be accessed from the WIS Server, like customer name, balance, service plan, within the SMS and much more with the email invoicing.

To find out more about how your business can save money per year please contact us directly for a chat.



How efficient and fast you communicate?

Achieve the fastest way to communicate with all your customers, subgroups is via our SMS or email marketing technology. 
We’re also meeting all types of industry requirements for waste management companies thanks to our full accountancy and scalable invoicing system.
  • Save over $ 14.000 per year if you on average 2 bills a year for a customer base of 10.000 customers
  • Handle large batches of email invoices - up to 50.000 per email run
  • Keep your customers notified with volumes of 10 messages per second with SMS
  • Complete integration with all our other software, packages