Don’t pay for a website or web developer - let WIS handle it.

With the webclient website system your business does not need a web developer, all updates and edits are done by your marketing team.

* This website which you are currently on "Sunrise Innovations" is powered by the WIS webclient, using a HTML 5 responsive template.

The webclient system can be used as the main website portal for a refuse company or as an add-on service to enable online payments, customer signups, manage customer service tickets and many more. Over the years of working with numerous refuse collection companies we have dealt with all possible requests for online features – all of which are now in the webclient module with emphasis on future web use (smart phone, iPads, Tablets, etc).

The template-based webclient module allows you to choose and customize the website style which suits your brand best. Besides the flexibility the webclient brings companies, it also encourages the users to tailor it according to their needs and preferences through its simplicity eliminating the need to hire a web designer or developer. The webclient empowers the refuse company to control all aspects of their business, as no other system can do so much in a more efficient manner. Editing of the webclient styles is straightforward, extensive training sessions are not necessary. Also, multiple languages are supported within the webclient module, which furthermore increases its unparalleled flexibility.

Outside of the style editing of the website the main features of the webclient system are:

  • Full Content Management Control
    • Create static pages
    • Manage styles
    • News & Blogging
    • Help Area
    • Document Area
  • Interactive Customer Database driven service
    • Domestic Sign Up Process
    • Customer online payments and receipts, etc
    • Customer Service Ticket Management
    • Skip Hire Sign Up
    • Shop System
    • Statistics & SEO
    • Detailed online visitor statistics
    • Back link and Internal Link Monitoring

Webclient is designed to be simple in its complexity, and perfect for refuse companies, which can actively interact with their customers from the very start thanks to the clear online sign-up process and bill payments; solve problems efficiently thanks to the advanced ticket system, and finally, improve communication and strengthen customer loyalty thanks to the incorporated blog, newsletter and news updates sections. Through webclient, refuse companies can increase their revenues by using the Shop feature and Skip hire system.

The webclient module is exactly what a refuse company has been looking for all along – a way to win over customers online and increase customer satisfaction without major costs. The webclient module is equipped with tools to monitor the numbers of visitors on the site, to work on link building and exchange, so the company can independently bring their website to the top of search pages, without having to pay for additional services.